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graphic of a thermal imaging camera used to market the Sustainable Business Networks free energy surveys for Surrey businesses

Last winter the Sustainable Business Network teamed up with Energy Alton and Community Energy South to deliver energy assessments.

We provided free energy surveys to microbusinesses within Surrey, using thermal imaging to help detect and energy inefficiencies, and signposting the business owner to support with reducing energy use.

We are trying to secure funding to allow us to continue this service, but in the mean time, if you'd like to discuss potentially having a survey then click the button below...


We got some great feedback from Surrey microbusinesses after last winter's programme. The survey, whilst not a full Non-Domestic Energy Assessment, is very helpful in cutting through the confusion of how to start your journey, and can have a catalysing effect on the rest of your plans, and your staff.

Rupert Pritchett, of Taurus Wines told us...

"Many thanks for making the effort to visit the store and for your recommendations ...Your visit has had a halo effect as it showed the team we were serious about energy savings so they already seem to becoming more conscious about switching off unused gadgets etc."
Image of solar panels used to demonstrate the cost savings and energy reduction from rooftop solar installation at a Surrey business

Switchfoot Accounting have made huge steps forward in creating energy independence for themselves. An energy survey helps you plan the steps toward reducing your building's emissions.

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Jen from the Sustainable Business Network using a thermal imaging camera to conduct an energy survey for a microbusiness in Guildford

SBN's Jen using a compact SEEK thermal imaging camera

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