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In a world where environmental concerns are taking centre stage, enterprises need to embrace sustainable practices to increase resilience and ensure success. Investing in green skills is a key element in doing so - and you can now access funding for some green skills within Surrey.

Green skills enable the environmental sustainability of economic activity. In other words, they’re, “the knowledge, abilities, values and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society"

Don't underestimate the transformative power of Green Skills. Training your workforce in sustainable practices can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Surrey businesses embracing Green Skills are not only reducing their environmental impact but also building strong reputations as responsible, forward-thinking enterprises. This can attract a new customer base looking to support environmentally-conscious businesses.


​​Green Skills offer a quick and tangible return on investment. By training your team in energy-efficient practices and waste reduction techniques, you can immediately reduce operational costs. Lower energy bills and less waste mean more money in your pocket while reducing your environmental impact. 


There are some great reports about the requirements for these skills in Surrey & nationally, here is some further reading: 

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Deloitte published A blueprint for green workforce transformation report which showcases a number of case studies from organisations within the UK working to strategically embed green skills and behaviours in different ways. One of which is a case study on the way in which Speedy Services in Farnborough, is working to embed sustainability requirements into all job descriptions as well as the company-wide ESG programme. A representative from the company stated, “I think it’s really important when you’re rolling out an ESG strategy that people have that education programme behind the to upskill. You cannot have a strong strategy without a strong education and training programme behind it.”


Developing green skills within your organisation will help you achieve the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Graphic showing the UN's Sustainable Development Goal number 8

Surrey is very short on the level of skills needed to reach a 2050 net zero target, especially in assessment & installaiton

Graphic showing the UN's Sustainable Development Goal number 9

Key infrastructure is vital, but so is innovation via industry & academia - or a partnership of the two!  

Graphic showing the UN's Sustainable Development Goal number 11 to encourage more sustainable cities

This can contribute significantly to creating healthy, clean, modern towns & cities which meet the needs of Surrey's communities

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Watch SCC's short film on Green Careers

A 'how to' book
graphic used to depict green skill development for businesses lookign to become more sustainable

Did you know?

"Green skills" are not only required in industries traditionally considered sustainable - jobs requiring green skills are growing at 4 times the rate of the overall UK job market in industries like Marketing, IT, Finance, and HR.

Find Support for Green Upskilling

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The Retrofit Academy now has partial and fully-funded places for reskilling into the energy efficiency sector! Retrain into a retrofit career and develop highly needed skills. Learn more here.

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Accredited training and certifications offered through organisations such as the Institute of Sustainable Studies, Green Element, Enviro UK Consultants, or IEMA.

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Certifications and short courses available through LinkedIn Learning or universities including the University of Surrey, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and more

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Access FREE courses and resources through Future Learn or Innovation South Virtual Campus

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Complete the FREE Climate Fit course, specifically tailored to help SMEs reduce their carbon emissions.

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