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Loudspeaker graphic which represents the sharing of good news via case studies of sustainabilty goals in Surrey businesses

On this page you will find case studies of sustainability projects carried out by SMEs in Surrey. The case studies cover a range of areas which all play a part in creating a net zero plan.

If you'd like more details feel free to get in touch, and keep a constant eye on our Find Funding page to be alerted when potential funding streams are available. 

Travel & Transport

Discover how Taurus Wines have made reductions in transport emissions with a plan for 2-3 year payback

Image of Taurus wines electric van, which is part of a case study on how the Surrey business reduced its transport emissions with funding for electric vehicles


Find out how Tannery Studios are saving £1,000 a month on their energy bills.

Image of solar panels on the roof of the Tannery Studios warehouse in Send near woking, a Surrey business who has managed to reduce energy costs and use with rooftop solar


Read Switchfoot Accounting's fantastic story as they move toward energy independence  

Image of Rebecca from Switchfoot Accounting on the roof of her premises surrounded by solar panels which helped the Surrey business to reduce costs and emissions


Discover how Hampton Digital Services are providing 100% renewable web hosting in Surrey.

Image of the office of Hampton Digital Services, who received funding for sustainabilty plans allowing them to create a low carbon online presence

Waste & Procurement

Crumbs Brewers got registered as a B Corp and halved their packaging emissions! 


On demand transport service Hoppa is a Surrey innovator on low carbon transport...

Waste & Procurement

Chimney Fire Coffee have tackled the notoriously opaque coffee supply chain to monitor emissions whilst ensuring fair pay for growers

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